The IntegriScan is the most advanced & reliable (ELD) Electronic Leak Detection testing method available

Only the IntegriScan can test 100% of the horizontals, verticals and black EPDM

COMPARE integriscan vs. efvm INTEGRISCAN™ integriscan vs. efvm Electric Field Vector Mapping (EFVM)

Advanced dual sensor cross scan technology developed in the USA in early 2000 – Section 6 on the ASTM D7877

Vector Mapping is a triangulation-based sampling technology developed in Germany in the early 1970’s with no advancements since – Section 7 on the ASTM D7877


IntegriScan utilizes a mobile platform that isolates a smaller test area for better conductance and more reliable readings.

A perimeter wire is installed to define an isolation area and then probing poles are used to sample the area within the isolation area. The results rely heavily on the technician’s experience.


100% of horizontal and vertical surfaces are able to be tested.

Testing is done via sampling, so actual coverage is indeterminate. This method can only visually inspect vertical surfaces. The test relies heavily on the technician’s experience.


YES, no limitations!

YES, but due to the large perimeter wire isolation area, full conductivity can’t be verified.


YES, with TruGround® on new assemblies and with properly placed, pre-installed wire mesh.

EFVM may work on conventional assemblies if a wire mesh (vector mapping grid) is properly installed beforehand, directly under the membrane, but this approach has other shortcomings.

TEST BLACK EPDM YES – ONLY Detec Systems can test black EPDM.  Semi conductive cold fluid applied waterproofing as well! NO – Can only test non conductive waterproofing and roofing membranes.
TEST VERTICAL SURFACES YES – Detec’s Vertical Scan Unit (VSU) is a belt mounted roller apparatus that will detect breaches in verticals. Section 8 on the ASTM D7877. NO – Vector mapping would have to set up a vertical perimeter wire and have a continuous layer of water which is not feasible.
SQUARE FOOTAGE PER DAY FASTEST – Up to 40,000 sq ft/day for horizontals and up to 10,000 sq ft/day for verticals MODERATE – Can possibly test up to 20,000 sq ft/day for horizontals

Virtually no chance for false positives or complete misses. Transitions and membrane penetrations are tested electronically.

Vector Mapping has a higher potential for false positives and complete misses. Wall junctions, perimeter details, and membrane penetrations can only be visually inspected.

A new patented formulation that enables what was, until now, not possible: 
A truly reliable membrane integrity test for conventional membrane assemblies!

TruGround is the only approved/conclusive method to perform membrane integrity testing on conventional roofs. Stop playing games with other testing methods. Spec the one that works. Fast. Affordable. Reliable. Who says you can't have it all?