PermaScan™ vs. Electric Field Vector Mapping

PermaScan Automated Leak Detection by Detec Electric Field Vector Mapping

A Continuous Monitoring System

PermaScan provides immediate identification of a membrane breach or moisture accumulation. Membrane-related repair costs are kept to a minimum for the life of the structure.

Vector Map Testing

Months or years of damage can occur before vector map testing identifies a problem. Return visit costs and subsequent repair costs will quickly add up to make this method less cost-effective over the life of the structure.

Minimal Roof Walk, and Only if Necessary

PermaScan allows the condition of the entire roof to be assessed without ever stepping foot on the overburden. When a breach is isolated, Detec goes straight to it. No unneccesary disruption of the overburden occurs.

Extensive Roof Walk Is Always Necessary

This method relies on triangulating over a large isolation area, so unnecessary disruption of the overburden occurs from walking the entire roof and walking over the same areas several times.

Diagnosis Occurs Below the Overburden

PermaScan installs below the overburden either under or over the membrane depending on assembly type. Installing sensors close to the membrane ensures reliable and accurate results.

Diagnosis Only Possible From Above the Overburden

Triangulating must occur from above the overburden to locate a leak. Depth of overburden, large isolation area and possible dry areas can cause inconclusive results.

Small Isolation Area

PermaScan is designed to isolate membrane breaches and moisture accumulation to a defined area electronically, providing quick and accurate leak location.

Large Isolation Area

This method uses relatively much larger isolation areas, so it’s a bit like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Time-consuming and more difficult to locate a breach, particularly when multiple breaches are present.

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