Planning with Detec

Collaboration is Key. We Bring Experience, Proven Technology and Teamwork to the Table

Detec Systems understands the complexities of planning for construction. That’s why we consult with the design and construction teams in the planning phase to address all of the specific areas at risk of moisture intrusion. Detec will:
• Study the project plans to identify the at-risk areas that should be monitored for concealed moisture intrusion and internal flooding.
• Review and discuss the at-risk areas with the Architect, Waterproofing Consultant, Building Science Consultant to confirm that all areas of concern are addressed in the system design.
• Train and support the Electrical Contractor and Systems Integrator to ensure an efficient installation into the building and a seamless integration into the Building Automation System.
• Commission your system upon completion to confirm its operation and reporting functions. This includes training the property manager to access and interpret reports generated by the system.
• The Detec Monitoring Service & Maintenance Program includes 24 hour monitoring, system maintenance, technical assistance and software upgrades.

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A truly reliable membrane integrity test for conventional membrane assemblies!

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C-Coat Conductive Primer