Introducing TruGround™ Conductive Primer from Detec

A patented formulation that enables what was, until now, not possible: A truly reliable membrane integrity test for conventional roof assemblies.

Stop playing games with inconclusive membrane integrity tests on conventional roof assemblies. TruGround Conductive Primer is the only way to specify a conductive layer DIRECTLY UNDER the membrane that doesn’t compromise adhesion or test reliability. Ensuring a quick, thorough, and incredibly accurate membrane integrity test is performed. And only Detec Systems has it.

TruGround Conductive Primer by Detec Systems is the best way to ensure that the waterproof membrane on your conventional roof assembly is watertight. For use with Detec’s IntegriScan Membrane Integrity Testing Method, TruGround changes the game with a simple and cost-effective solution that brings true integrity to your membrane by creating the closest, most thorough coverage of the entire membrane.

Download an overview of TruGround here

We have found that there seems to be some confusion and a lot of myths regarding testing conventional roof assemblies using electronic leak detection. Detec wrote a technical note in an attempt to clear up the misunderstanding.



  • Enables Electronic Leak Detection testing on black EPDM as well as other conventional membranes. 
  • Chemically and mechanically compatible with fully-adhered, mechanically attached and torch-down membrane systems
  • 30-minute dry time under normal conditions
  • Retesting can be performed for the life of the membrane, should a breach occur at a later date
  • Non-reflective, flat black to ensure complete coverage
  • Water-based (non-flammable & solvent-free)
  • Low VOC, meets Southern California’s strict emissions control requirements for primers
  • Roll, spray, or pre-apply to protection boards



TruGround Conductive Primer creates the closest conductive layer possible: complete coverage, directly under the membrane. Before testing, a light spraying of water is applied to the top of the membrane. TruGround is then charged with a low voltage current. When the IntegriScanner mobile testing platform travels over a breach, a circuit is completed due to the moisture transferring through the membrane, alerting us to the breach with the strongest, most reliable signal possible, unlike inconclusive methods such as buried wire mesh underlayment, ski poles or flood tests. No guessing, no gimmicks. Just quick, reliable test results.



C-Coat Conductive Primer


INTRODUCING TruGround™ Conductive Primer
A new patented formulation that enables what was, until now, not possible: 
A truly reliable membrane integrity test for conventional membrane assemblies!

TruGround is the only approved/conclusive method to perform membrane integrity testing on conventional roofs. Stop playing games with other testing methods. Spec the one that works. Fast. Affordable. Reliable. Who says you can't have it all?
C-Coat Conductive Primer