Chihuly Garden & Glass

Location: Seattle, WA

Chihuly Garden and Glass is an exhibit in Seattle showcasing the studio glass of award winning artist Dale Chihuly.  Detec Systems performed a forensic IntegriScan of their TPO roof.  5 breaches were found and repaired.

Do you have a leaking roof? Although Electronic Leak Detection requires a conductive substrate directly below the membrane, our advanced leak locating technology has the ability to find breaches.  Call 855.75.DETEC (855-753-3832) and to inquire if we can find your leak.


A new patented formulation that enables what was, until now, not possible: 
A truly reliable membrane integrity test for conventional membrane assemblies!

TruGround is the only approved/conclusive method to perform membrane integrity testing on conventional roofs. Stop playing games with other testing methods. Spec the one that works. Fast. Affordable. Reliable. Who says you can't have it all?